Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hiatus/Sorting my life out a bit


Sooo… hey there. You may (or may not) have noticed that I've been missing for a few months. Let's call it a hiatus, because that seems more planned and civilised than me being a mess and throwing blogging to the wayside. So what have I been up to? A lot. Try giving this a little listen while I explain.

Aside from jetting from city to city (to city, to city, to city…) I've kind of been sorting my life out. I think summer is a good time for that, and I've changed quite a bit in the past few months. I don't really know what changed exactly, but something has been slowly clicking into place in my mind, and I've begun to realise my priorities, my values, and am trying to tilt my life to be angled in a way that reflects them. I've been separating myself from people who maybe aren't good for me, not bothering with people who don't care much about me, and connecting with the people who really matter to me.


For me, the first two years of uni were about being in a new place, a big city, branching out and meeting all sorts of people and pushing my boundaries without considering meanings or implications too much. There was a lot of growing up involved there, and I think that's the kind of growing up that's encouraged by society. Perhaps we overlook the fact that what happens after that period of time is also growing up. After pushing the boundaries, I think it's important to know when to stop pushing and think about what's really important to you. I guess I'm realising that I'm not a teenager anymore, and although I don't consider myself an adult, maybe it's time to reflect on all the stuff I've done in the past two years and determine what worked for me, what didn't, and what I'm going to do with that synthesis.


It would be too long and too personal to relate everything I've come to learn about myself recently but the two big things I've concluded in the past few months are:
1. My family is more important to me than I realised.
2. My faith is more important to me than I realised.

I've had a few people telling me lately that I seem "more mature", but it's not really even about being mature or adult for me. It's about bettering myself, being at peace with myself, and being someone who can help others. That means reading more, travelling more, being dedicated to the things I like doing, and not being afraid to live creatively.


I could ramble on a lot more, but to put it succinctly you might see a few life changes on the blog in the upcoming months. I also have a great backlog of adventures to share with you from the Great Smoky Mountains, the Hamptons, Southern California, and Korea.

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