Monday, March 31, 2014

Back in California

I have a boatload and a half of photos from my spring break at home in California. I don't want to bombard you, (or myself, I'm still getting the hang of this blogging thing) so I'll start out small.

Boy, was I ever excited to get out of frigid NYC.

Delta Airlines JFK passport chanel bag

I landed in LAX at dusk. Having just gotten off a plane from San Francisco herself, my mother met me at my gate, Birkin handbag in the crook of her arm and a huge smile spread across her cheeks. (She saw Julie Andrews get off my plane in front of me - I'm still envious that I didn't get to see Mary Poppins/Fraulein Maria myself.)

It's always the best feeling stepping outside from the airport in LA. I can't quite describe it, but it's being enveloped in warm air and a slight ocean breeze, the smell of jet fuel, and the peace of being home.  This particular occasion I was greeted by a full moon and a dusty-coloured sky. Utterly magical.

Dusk at LAX
I woke up bright and early the next morning to grab breakfast in Orange with some of my best friends from high school. Jet lag and excitement made me a little early, so I sat in my car absorbing some morning sun rays and jamming to Vance Joy's Riptide (FlicFlac edit). Give it a listen while you read the rest of this post!

There were hibiscus shrubs bursting with flowers lining the car park.

Hibiscus flower

By the time we sat down to breakfast at Rutabegorz, the temperature was already creeping up to the high 80ºFs, but the girls at uni out-of-state (including me) insisted we sit outside. Kale hummus was on offer for a dollar (a dollar!) so we ordered it for the table. We also ordered matching entrées, as always. I stuffed myself with a bagel topped with cheese, eggs, and avocado. Simple, Californian, and delicious.



We gabbed for a couple hours and then it was time for everyone to be on their way. We made plans to see each other when we're all home again in May, and said our goodbyes. I headed home to the pool for the rest of the day with my sisters and some coconut water. This is my baby sister. She suggested taking this photo… precious, isn't she?

Isabel in the pool, coconut water

In the evening of the following day, I picked up Ashley in Hollywood and we made our way to Venice with the convertible top down as the sun set.

Abbot Kinney is a road tucked right behind Venice Beach. It's home to a bunch of surfers and artists - and it shows. The shops and restaurants are all a bit hipster-y and people skateboard barefoot down the sidewalk with their dogs. Ashley and I grabbed Mexican food and strolled down the street, looking in shop windows, picking out our favourite homes, and finding murals.

Abbot Kinney storefront

Edgar Allan Poe

Abbot Kinney


Abbot Kinney mural


It started to get a bit chilly so we hopped back in the car and meandered into Marina del Rey (which would be the name if Lana del Rey and Marina and the Diamonds had a lovechild, I'm just sayin') until Lauren rang us that she landed at LAX. We sped on over to the airport, picked her up, and headed back south to Orange County, buzzing over plans for our next few days together.

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